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About Christina

What is a Doula?

The word “doula” originated in ancient Greece and simply meant “servant”. In terms of childbirth, it now refers to a non-medical professional, who provides continuous physical and emotional support during labor, childbirth and immediately after. Studies have shown that having a doula for continuous support throughout pregnancy and labor can help reduce the use of interventions in and improves the overall experience of childbirth.

What is a Monatrice?

A Monatrice is a Doula who provides comfort measures and labor support in a home and/or hospital setting. The Monatrice defers from a Doula in one way: she has specialized clinical training that, when desired by the parents, allows for checking fetal heart tones; blood pressure; pulse; and vaginal exams (only if requested) in the home setting, prior to going into the hospital to birth. She also has clinical knowledge and invites the parents to explore topics related to their care that are important to them.

Comfort Measures Used in Labor:
• Masssage
• Alternate positioning to encourage progress labor and relieve discomfort
• Atomatherapy
• Hypnosis (Audio)
• Relaxation techniques
• Heat/Ice
• Hydrotherapy/Labor pool
• Birth/Peanut ball
• Rebozo use
• Counter pressure
• Breath work
• Visual aids

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