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Angela Orenczak That arm belongs to our MW assistant, Christina Pruitt. She was at Henry and Clem’s births too. She’s amazing and SO SPECIAL to our family. She has magical hands. Best best best. I was so glad she was at this birth. It was hard work. She was amazing. Between Luke-doula-dad, Christina, Lydia (apprentice), Debbie (midwife for the 4th Orenczak baby), Dr Lauren/Stephanie (Chiro), Lauren (kid helping), AshDash (awesome
Neighbor also kid watching and last minute grocery pick up), and Heather (close bestie whose birth I attended in March)….it was a LOT OF LOVE helping get this kid born. 

As a first time father, having Christina at our side was priceless. When we had questions, she has answers. She was calm and confident and there when we needed her.  During the birth, she was there in a moment’s notice.  She was knowledgeable and calming. There’s no question whether or not I’d recommend Christina because she’s the best. 
Posted 3/24/2018

Rachel Farren
Christina is an amazing doula with so much relevant experience.  I have known her for years and it was wonderful to have her assist me through both of my labors.  She is very much involved throughout the entire process, attended doctors appts with me, helped me with a birth plan and was there for every question I had throughout my pregnancy.  She has a wealth of knowledge and is very well respected for what she does.  (My doctor who is very natural minded has worked with her on many pregnancies and was very happy to see that she was my doula.)  
I had a very long labors and Christina was there for the majority of the time.  When we had to transition to the hospital, she stayed with me rubbing my back and legs and even slept on the floor of my room.  She is unbelievable.  I have to think that this level of service is not typical and sets her apart from other doulas.  Ultimately my labor led to a medical delivery but I felt comfortable with this because we had done everything we could to help the baby progress.  
I highly recommend that you hire Christina to assist you through your delivery.  She is a very special person.
Posted 3/22/2018

Erin Rementer
Christina was an amazing doula! Very knowledable, always available any time of the day to answer questions, and invaluable once labor started! What makes her stand out is her positive attitude and endless energy, light hearted personality, and her genuine love of the process. Highly recommend! 
Posted 3/19/2018

Hannah Chambers
Christina is a God send, especially for first Time moms, but also for anyone who is looking to have a very healthy happy pregnancy and delivery. She was with me every step of the way from10 Weeks on, answering every question and offering tips and advice appropriately. She calmed my fears when I went over due by two weeks and was was an integral part of my birth team during a very difficult labor. Without her there to keep me focused and to offer ideas, the day may have gone very differently. I am forever appreciative and she has a special place in my heart for helping me attain all the goals I set for my pregnancy and delivery. 
Posted 2/5/2018

Andrew Mckinley
From the moment my wife and I found out she was pregnant we both knew we wanted Christina.  I knew how important it would be to stay home as long as possible during labor before we headed to the hospital, and we knew Christina was just the person to use. My wife’s contractions started around midnight on Monday, we contacted Christina and she was at our house within the hour. Our house was soon transformed into a labor/relaxing atmosphere. She had an almost endless amount of positions  and techniques to help comfort and relax my wife during contractions.  Christina also helped me to feel more useful throughout the process, because seeing my wife so uncomfortable and in so much pain and knowing there was nothing I could do was nothing short of torture. She did an amazing job keeping not only my wife, but me calm as well. Having somebody with us so knowledgeable was so comforting and kept us from racing to the hospital after her first contraction. My wife did not have the typical labor and delivery, she labored at home for a full 24 hours before we headed to the hospital, and 16 hours and 3 epidural later our doctors told us our baby wasn’t making any progress and a c section was our best bet. Christina was right there with us the entire 40+ hours except a few breaks for food and sleep.  My wife wanted to have as natural a birth as possible, and despite it ending with a c section, because of Christina my wife knew she had come as close to natural And fought as hard for her natural birth as she could,and we will both forever be so greatful to her for giving us and sharing that experi with us.  There really is no dollar amount that could equal what she did for us, and I cant imagine how different an experience it would have been without her.  Having somebody in your corner that isn’t intimidated or scared to stand up to the doctors and nurses and tell them no when they were pressuring something made a world of difference. Thank you CP
Posted 8/28/2017

Emily McKinley
When I found out I was pregnant, I immediately knew that I wanted to go as natural as I could and that Christina was going to be our girl to make that happen. Fast forward 9 months later and it was time to get this party started. Thankfully enough I was able to allow my body to go into labor on it’s own right at 40 weeks. Christina stayed with us through the whole early labor process. She coached not only me but was also there for my husband the whole way through. This woman even had a hot tub set up for me in the middle of our kitchen-and it was by far the best thing ever! Long story short, I had a pretty rough labor. I was in early labor for about 24+ hours. I wound up deciding I needed an epi just because of pure exhaustion and I knew I needed sleep and rest so I had the energy to push. After about 15 hours I was only at a 6, and my doctors were very confident that his head was stuck and it was swelling and that I needed a c section. I was so upset and felt that I had done everything I could to have the birth I dreamed of but I knew deep down it wasn’t going to happen and at that point we were just ready to have our sweet boy in our arms. Christina had done everything she possibly could for us to have that natural birth and she was so supportive and there for us when we decided on the c section. Before we went to the OR, Christina prayed for us and I will never forget that prayer. It meant everything in the world to us. If I had had it my way, she would have been on the other side of me in the operating room. My husband has said a thousand times how thankful he was Christina was there with us and despite what we went through. I can’t even say she is worth every penny, because she is priceless! Thank you again for everything, we will never be able to repay you for helping us welcome our sweet boy into the world.
Posted 8/24/2017

Micah Wolf
We used Christina for our first baby 4 years ago, and as rookie clueless parents we were so thankful for her help. Her knowledge and patient, yet honest coaching was well worth the expense, and in fact was priceless. My labor and delivery journey with my son was long, and Christina was there almost every second of the those 35 hours. Her knowledge followed us and we were able to go back and use what she taught us when delivering our daughter, 4 years later, just 5 days ago. We would have used Christina again, but we moved to MO 3 years ago. The memory and the things we have learned will forever stay with us. Thank you Christina. I highly recommend using her  
Posted 6/18/2017

Shanda Smith
Waverlee is a whopping 2 weeks old today. She is healthy and happy and sleeps 4-6 hours straight each night! She truly is a joy!
I have to give a huge thank you to Christina Pruitt the best doula and friend any pregnant gal could have! With her knowledge, guidance and support we were able to labor at home with natural pain management and some amazing massages. We showed up at the hospital at 9 cm dilated ready to rock. I was able have Waverlee completely medicine free weighing in at 9lbs 9oz! I’m 100% sure I would not have been able to do so without Christina guiding us. Drew was such an amazing partner and I’m so thankful we were on the same team and both trusted her. I couldn’t have done it without both of them by my side! Love you both!
She’s in high demand, but if you’re able to hire Christina to be on your team, I promise you won’t be disappointed!
Posted 6/13/2017

Lissa Marie
Christina was great to work with. I hired her very late in my pregnancy, but instantly felt at peace that we had made a good decision. She kept in contact with me and checked in on me leading up to our birth. She arrived shortly after we did at the hospital the day I went into labor. My labor was intense and I ended up delivering a 9 lb baby which was very different than delivering my first born who was only 5 lbs. There were so many times I felt myself losing control and in those moments, Christina would either massage, grab a hand, suggest we change positions , or get my attention to bring me back down and help me get through the next contraction. I was able to deliver naturally without medication in a hospital setting. I felt like things went smoothly, I felt “heard” as far as my desires went and we we’re blessed with a wonderful outcome of a beautiful baby boy. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a great doula!
Posted 6/8/2017

Diana McFall
What a joy it was to work with Christina! From the prompt replies to texts and phone calls to the encouraging words during early labor (and beyond!) we could not have been more satisfied! When our original birth plan to deliver in Atlanta was thrown off by a baby who decided he wanted to make a much quicker entrance to this world, Christina calmly and quickly got us diverted to a local hospital where she did not hesitate to advocate on our behalf when the staff was less than open to our birth wishes.  After our speedy delivery, Christina brought in our bags from the car and picked up dinner from a local restaurant before leaving us.  She is a sweet, strong, calming force and is at the top of our doula list if we are blessed with another child! 
Posted 2/12/2016

Tiffany Boal
As a fellow birth professional, Christina is the first doula I recommend when asked by prospective clients. I was finally blessed to have her at my own birth and she more than earned every recommendation! She was more in tune with what I needed and wanted than anyone else in the room. She wasn’t pushy but didn’t wait to be asked for help, she just took initiative and took care of me. Christina didn’t try to manage my birth to be easy for her, but she jumped in where I was and molded herself to fit my needs instead. She listened to what I said and tried to make sure those things happened, without being rude to others who wanted differently for me. Her calm demeanor was soothing and yet she was fun and supportive and kept things light. I knew she was great, but I didn’t know how great. I truly couldn’t have asked for a better doula! And she is still my number one recommendation, both professionally and personally!
Posted 2/5/2016

Rebecca Pruitt
Christina is AWESOME at being a Doula!!  I was able to follow through with my birth plan (vaginal delivery with no pain medication) for both of my children and it was because of her help. Christina has a calming spirit during labor and delivery, she is able to keep you focused on your task, she answers questions and will be an advocate for your birth plan, she helps keep the father and/or family calm and focused as well, and I can’t forget to mention the wonderful massages with oils that make you feel better. It is nice to have someone in the room with you at all times and to help guide you through the exciting but scary process of labor and delivery. We could not have done it without her help!  She is great at her job and you should pick her to be your Doula!
Posted 2/3/2016

S Todd
Christina was such a amazing person to have by my side during my labor and birth!  She helped my husband be my main source of strength, but guided us through the stages of labor with comfort and peace.  She always had suggestions, but never pushed. Her calm manner and reassurances helped keep me clear-headed. She knew EXACTLY when to leave my home for hospital, and kept reminding me to relax during birth. I cannot say enough great things about my experience with Christina.
Posted 1/18/2016

Leanne Hallmark
Christina Pruitt was everything I needed her to be at one of the scariest yet most exciting times of my life! I’m so glad that she was there to see me through labour and delivery! 
Posted 1/12/2016

Ginger Jackson
Christina was a huge support in my labor process. She knew so much about every step of the labor. She was able to help me get thru the pain to a much further point, than I was able to do with my 2 previopus children without a Doula. Especially, for us women who’s husbands are clueless in the delivery room, she was a God send for support…
Posted 1/30/2012

Christina is a wonderful doula! Her calm and skilled presence was appreciated and needed. Christina was there alongside my midwife to assure beautiful and peaceful births for both of my daughters.
Posted 1/29/2012

Kiersten Scheule
I became aquainted with Christina Pruitt six months prior to the birth of my son, when I attended the birth of my niece (my younger sister delivered at Fayette-Piedmont).  I was so impressed with Christina’s skills and soothing presence that I asked her if she would consider being my doula at the birth of my second child (which was going to be a VBAC).  Christina agreed to be my doula and checked in with me throughout my pregnancy to see how appointments were going.  She met with me and we discussed my birth plan and she advised various excercises to help me prepare for labor/birth and answered all of my questions.  When my real labor began, Christina came to my home to offer support and encouragement and advise me when we should leave for the hospital (which was an hour away).  Christina followed my husband and I to the hospital, and supported me throughout a grueling 36+ hour labor.  During that time, she advocated for me with hospital staff, educated my husband and sister on techniques to help ease my back labor, suggested different positions, helped keep me hydrated, and reminded me to breathe/moan through contractions in a constructive way.  Additionally, Christina took several labor and birth photos that I absolutely treasure.  She never seemed to be concerned about the amount of time that she was away from her own family and I felt she was completely focused on me and my birth experience.  I am SO GLAD that I hired her as my doula, and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking doula services!!!!
Posted 10/7/2011

Raven Bradford
I cannot begin to express how impactful Christina was for my husbabnd and I during our birth experience.  This was our first child together and we, like most first time parents, really didn’t know what to expect.  I had read lots of books, but I still had no clue what it would all be like.  Christina met with me in person and talked with me on the phone numerous times before my due date and always knew just what I needed to hear when doubt and uncertainty crept in.  Because I went over my due date I was sort of pushed (by my midwife) into being induced and was really unhappy about it.  It just wasn’t in my plan.  But Christina met us at the hospital and stayed with us for the beginning, letting me know just what to expect next.  She stepped in when she felt that the nurses were rushing things and backed off when she felt things were going well.  She always had my birth plan in mind and tried to make my experience as close to my desires as possible.  She helped me get through some of the most intense pain my body will ever feel.  She guided my husband into helping wherever he could.  She was my voice when I didn’t have any idea what to say.  And she listened to me when I had met my match in pain.  Our entire experience was so much better by her being there and supporting us.  I have recommended her to many of my expecting friends and family and my sister used her services just last week.  She has really become an important person in my life and always will be.  I will use her for as many babies as I have in the future.  My husbabnd brags about her still to this day and tells all his friends how different his view of the need for a doula is now.  Christina absolutely rocks!!!

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