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Birth Doula/Monatirice Services:

Interview:  This is a, no obligation, chance for you to get to know who I am and to see if you feel I can be of help to you.

Two prenatal visits that include childbirth education sessions. During the first visit, we will discuss pregnancy health, care provider benefits, laboring options, birth choices, comfort measures, and needs specific to your pregnancy. The next prenatal visit will be an accompanied physicians visit (post 36 weeks) followed or preceded by a home visit. We will also discuss postpartum concerns, neonatal care and finalize a birth plan at this visit.

One postnatal visit to review the labor and to give you and your partner an opportunity to ask questions or recollect time frames of your labor and birth. We can also discuss any newborn or breastfeeding issues at this visit.

Unlimited phone support before, during, and after the birth.

Assistance creating a birth plan and making revisions

Use and access to labor tools including; Labor pool, birth ball, peanut ball, rebozo, cold/hot compress, massage tools, compression massage, essential oils, and diffuser.

A Journey’s Inward hypnosis audio file. It is an excellent tool for birth preparation and to aid in relaxation.

Labor support begins at home in early active labor and then continues at the hospital or birth center if not delivering at home. I will continue to offer support for about 1-2 hours after delivery. Besides your partner, doulas are usually the only continuous support you will receive throughout your labor and delivery.

Continuous support doesn’t necessarily mean that I will be present and constantly watching your every move. I am aware that continuous support also means that your space is protected and private when it needs to be. If I am not in the room, I’m still very close by and conscious of your needs.

Whenever possible, I help mom and baby establish breastfeeding. If a lactation specialist is available, I encourage a collaborative effort by us both, so that you can establish a relationship with and utilize it after my departure.

Birth stories:  This is not my story to tell – it’s yours! I always try to provide a timeline of the primary details of your labor and birth. However, your immediate needs in labor are my priority and depending on how hands on I need to be, there may be a few gaps.  All of the details that I would provide can also be found in your medical record. These records can always be accessed by requesting them from your hospital or homebirth midwife.

Photographs: I am not a professional photographer but if I do try to take advantage of beautiful and candid moments during labor and birth. I will provide all photos on a USB for you to keep. Again, it has not always been the case that I’m in a position to take pictures, especially if I am playing a physical role in assisting mom. If this is a service that is very important to you, I would suggest having a birth photographer or competent friend/family member designated to be on standby.

Options:  You are free to customize your services. There are no services that you must accept. If there is anything that you don’t see mentioned above, please feel free to ask me if I can provide it for you. It is my desire that you feel prepared going into your labor and that you are looking forward to the process of giving birth


  • Primip Birth Assistant Fee- $1250.00
  • Post 24 hour assistance during labor- $100
  • Birth Pool Liner- $40
  • Additional Prenatal or Postnatal Visits- $40 +gas
  • Parking fees- TBD
  • Gas- TBD after birth, government milage rate

Half of the birth assistant fee is required to save your dates. This deposit will reserve your due date and I will take call 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks post your due date.

I will provide a detailed invoice upon my initial hire and then a revised copy with remaining balance, due within a week post delivery. This will include the remaining doula assistant fee, any additional charges for the above services rendered and an accumulated gas/mileage cost.

Available Discounts

Repeat clients – $250.00
(There will be significant less time allotted for education during visits)

Active Military (or spouse) – $250

Labor support only -$350

Testimonial published (within 1 week post delivery) -$50

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