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About Christina

Congratulations on your pregnancy and for taking another step in assuring that you are doing everything possible to birth your baby as gently and natural as possible. As your doula, I promise to do everything possible to help your family achieve the goals and desires you have for your birth. As your doula, I will try my best to offer a balance of knowledge and practice in efforts to ensure you are prepared and confident for pregnancy and birth.

A little about myself:

I am a mother of 3 children, who all bless me daily, and the wife to a man that has loved me unconditionally for the last 20 years. I have currently been a doula for almost 12 years, attended deliveries within hospital, birth center and home environments. I certified through DONA International in 2006 and re-certified with CAPPA in 2017 as a birth doula. I have also obtained certifications in childbirth education, pre/postnatal fitness, as well as becoming a midwifery assistant (monatrice). I am confident in this calling, as I have been fascinated with the process of birth for as long as I can remember!

It was with the birth of my third child, Rylee, that I decided I had to be involved in giving women a new hope and an alternative to, what I had witnessed to be, corrupted and confused modern day obstetric trends. After several prenatal visits to my local obstetrician and countless conversations with labor and delivery nurses, we decided that our local hospital would not be able to accommodate our hopes and desires for this birth. We researched alternative options and after feeling confident in our decision to deliver with a seasoned midwife, Rylee was born in the comfort of our home. I was able to experience the beautiful freedom of allowing my body to do what a Mighty God had designed it to do, as opposed an outside source navigating and dictating the outcome of my experience. I’m not saying that all obstetric care is poor. In my personal experience, I just was uninformed and uneducated on the capabilities of my body and so were they.

I have been an active member of the metro Atlanta birth community for over 10 years and hold good standings and relationships with many like-minded, midwives, OB/GYNs, pediatricians, nurses and hospitals. We all share a common goal of setting our own agendas aside to best support mothers through the beautiful experience of childbirth without restrictions of movement, nourishment, labor tools, availability, and time. Each pregnancy is unique and deserves a personalized approach to the care provided. It is my job and the collaborated efforts of this community to protect the choices of a mother and to help ensure those choices are honored.

I am privileged to having attended over 200 births and can honestly say that each one is uniquely special to me and have all contributed to a strength and love which drive my passion for this calling.

Personal Statistics

Vaginal births with no intervention- 95%

Vaginal births with analgesics and/or epidural- .2%

Surgical births by cesarean- .05%

(based on 200 births as of 01/2018)

Acquired Certifications and Training

Birth Doula
(Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association)

Birth Doula
(Doulas of North America)

Childbirth Educator
(CAPPA International)

Midwifery Assistant
(Bellywater Birth Intensive)

Pre/post-natal fitness instructor
(Oh! Baby Fitness)

NRP Workshop
(Neonatal Resuscitation Program)

CrossFit L-1 Trainer

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